Added Twitch player to the front page

. Well, if you read this. You’ve possibly already found out that there’s added twitch player and it will always play when there’s live stream on the TCeS twitch. If anyone of you have any suggestions for this page, please leave an comment to this...


The whole team got their hands on some WW3 keys. Be sure to check us out when we stream it on

Dynamic duo is waiting!

Hello people. The Finnish DynamicDuo (woopwoop) is waiting for AorusKiki’s next monthly bash! I believe that next one is hosted on September and oh boy I’m waiting to get people down on it. 🙂

Member changes

We have been doing some changes to our line up. Some people left, some came in and some got promoted. To all new members, WELCOME! To all who got promoted:...

Tournaments on week 15

Legends Arena Squad FPP #30 – Sadly on waiting list. We might not be able to join this one. Legends Arena Squad TPP #27 – In this we’re going into. We’re on signed up teams and will be playing on...